SAKE Pairing Restaurant: GODENYA

GODENYA serves real experience of “SAKE pairing” in the world. Pairing with multinational cuisines as represented by Cantonese and Japanese dishes, you can experience new entertainment in GODENYA.



Presenting at precise temperature is the key for unlocking the full beauty of sake and to give you the enduring aroma that blooms with the first touch of the cup on your lips.

We, at GODENYA, are experts in serving sake at the right temperature to present its beauty and complexity. We therefore would like to welcome you to GODENYA to taste the sakes coming directly from Japan, selected with the decades of experience from the sake master, Mr. Goshima Shinya.
You will also have the unique opportunity to pair the sakes with exquisitely prepared cuisine, an unconventional combination not to be experienced anywhere else.
    In June 2015, Hong Kong’s gourmet connoisseurs have been blessed with the one-of-a-kind experience following GODENYA’s first ever expansion outside of Japan.


Mr. Goshima Shinya, shop owner of GODENYA and sake master

Obsessed with discovering the secret of minute differences between tastes and the sensations they deliver, Mr. Goshima has been working on the various possibilities of matching sakes with fine foods since he was only 20 years old. After training at a sake brewery, Mr. Goshima published his university graduation thesis, “A Study of Overseas Consumption of Sake”, which, over the next 8 years, was the most cited article on the topic of “sake globalization”.

Since then, Mr. Goshima has come a long way with his passion to globalize sake. In addition to managing the GODENYA flagship store in Sumida­ku, Tokyo, organizing and attending sake tasting events, providing advises to sake brewers and speaking at seminars, he is also the sake expert for a number of culinary magazines.

His vision is to bring sake to the world’s dining tables, which has already come true in France, Italy and other places around the globe. Now Mr. Goshima has opened his door to the culinary capital of the world, Hong Kong, where he is poised to win the approval from the world’s most demanding connoisseurs.